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This post is going to be split between actual story and a little tour of the Ferguson's new home. I would apologize for not having this up on Sunday when it is supposed to be but I don't think anyone actually reads it, so, who cares!

Immediately after having birth, Norah is feeling great.

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Now for a little bit of a house tour.

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I have no clever way to start this post off so I think I will just get right into it with this lovely photo of a shirtless Atlas preparing to cook... something. I love Atlas because it seems like in almost every picture of him, he has some sort of worried look on his face and it's so cute. Edit: Upon doing this entry, I remembered that this is the last time Atlas really showed emotion. Oops.

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I'll start this post off with a few pictures of the house as it was furnished at the time this installment of the story took place. This isn't how it originally was, though; Norah wanted to get rid of her cheap furniture ASAP!

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I always try to do things like document my Sims' lives or run a blog without giving up on it and, up to this point, I haven't been that successful. I'm hoping that this story can change that. Before I start with the narrative, I'll give a little bit of family information, as Norah is not fresh out of Create-A-Sim, but is actually the third generation of the family that I started fresh with when I returned to playing the Sims this summer. The two Sims that I started out with were Natalie and Beth Ferguson. They then had two adopted children, Keely (died during my last play of the Retirement Park lot I made) and Parker (an elder living at the Retirement Park [in a tent]), and one biological child, Tabitha. Tabitha met her wife, Zanette, and together they have three kids, as well (all biological): Norah (the subject of this story), Ingrid (recently entered her teen years), and Hunter (an adorable toddler who seems to have missed out on those "terrible twos"). Some of the living family members will be seen in this part but, throughout the course of this story, I won't be showing the progression of their lives separate of Norah's (unless something really cool happens). Anyways, now on to the fun stuff. May I present...

Norah introduction picture with caption: The Witch of Waverly Part One

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