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I have no clever way to start this post off so I think I will just get right into it with this lovely photo of a shirtless Atlas preparing to cook... something. I love Atlas because it seems like in almost every picture of him, he has some sort of worried look on his face and it's so cute. Edit: Upon doing this entry, I remembered that this is the last time Atlas really showed emotion. Oops.

From cooking to shopping, Atlas literally does it all.

At least Atlas getting out of the house provides Theo with ample time to bond with his nanny. She literally just sat there. All day.

I suppose I need to get better at screencapping more mundane life events because, all of a sudden, Theo is a child! I should probably throw actual birthday parties instead of just telling them to "grow up," as well. It's okay, I'm still learning.

First things first: the telescope. What's going on with the neighbors that has you so wide-eyed, Theo?

Theo: Dad, is there something I need to know about Mom?
Atlas: You know what, son? I've learned not to ask questions.

Theo: Dad, what are you guys doing?
Atlas: Goddamnit, not this again. What did I literally just tell you?! Don't ask questions.
Norah: Huh, what a beautiful painting. Just stunning. Nothing going on here. Nope. All good.

Theo: How dare you suggest I would cheat!?
Atlas: Why are my wrists so small!?

I'm not sure what Norah is reading but it looks quite entertaining and scandalous.

Theo: Dad, I wanna be best friends forever, okay?
Atlas: I'm dead behind the eyes.

Can we just remember this youthful excitement for later parts when Theo is a teenager? You'll see why.

Oh, God, what kind of trouble is Norah cooking up now?

Norah: Wait, I'm supposed to be a nice witch. Better smile.

Norah conjured up her feline familiar! This is Brownie, who also seems to have forgotten that there are only nice witches in this house. Yes, Brownie, even though it is a white cat (these familiars don't have a gender).

See, Brownie is nice. Sometimes.

Apparently, Theo just wants someone to show off in front of. I don't blame him since his dad always seems so blank and unimpressed.

The time difference between this picture and the next picture is, like, a few hours.

When Norah is pregnant, she is pregnant. Straight to the third trimester, apparently.

She also got a little bit of a hairstyle and outfit change.

Theo is super excited to have a baby brother or sister. It's weird typing that when I know how things turn out in later parts but, hey, it's kind of cool to know the future.

This picture is purely for the cute.

Atlas got a pretty nice promotion and he is still showing no emotion. Come on, man!

Theo and Brownie are fast friends.

Okay, now Atlas is showing some signs of life.

Atlas: Sorry I've been so emotionally cut-off and utterly boring, buddy.
Atlas, internally: Do I really have to wrap my arms around him?

Atlas and Norah's earlier makeout session apparently jump-started her labor because, not soon after, she gave birth. Meet Victoria.

Theo seems to like her. For now.

I'll just end this part with a couple of pictures of Victoria's nursery. Decorating is my jam.


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