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The Witch of Waverly (Part Two)

I'll start this post off with a few pictures of the house as it was furnished at the time this installment of the story took place. This isn't how it originally was, though; Norah wanted to get rid of her cheap furniture ASAP!

After returning home from their honeymoon, life at the Ferguson household got back to normal.

And by back to normal, I mean Norah banishes Atlas to the couch for breakfast.

For working at a literal school for witches, Norah's uniform sure is bland. I guess they have to keep up appearances.

When Norah's away, Atlas gets a little bit curious. I wouldn't touch that if I were you...

...told you.

Soon enough, it's time for Atlas to head off to work, as well. Also included: strange stray dog almost drowning in the snow.

After work, Norah starts to display some suspiciously witchy behavior.

Atlas: Um, babe? Am I supposed to be seeing this?

She also likes to warm her butt by the fireplace. Who doesn't, am I right?

While doing some studying, Norah notices that her coat is fitting a little snug.

Norah: You look like an idiot.
Atlas: Hiiiii, wittle baby!

Apparently, the Ferguson's lives were kind of boring during the pregnancy because, before I knew it, that little bump turned into a big bump.

Then that big bump turned into...

....some pretty intense contractions.

Meet Theo.

Norah is instantly in love. But where is Atlas during all of this?

He's painting. I'm not sure if that is their current house or maybe a house he wants to live in but, come on, man! Your wife just suffered through hours minutes of labor to bring your son into the world and you can't even turn around and look?! Okay.

A peek into Theo's nursery.

Again, life with a baby must be pretty chill because...

Theo is a toddler now. He's adorable, right?

Norah decides she will teach him to walk and, after she successfully does so, decides to check out from parenting and go to the spa.

Yoga: a great way to relieve all those new found parental stressors.

Norah: Wait. Atlas is home with the baby right now, right? RIGHT?!

Just because Norah is a mother now doesn't mean that she can't tune into her immaturity every once in a while. Suds in a fountain? Child's play.

Must. Sweat. Off. Baby. Weight.


Looks like Atlas has things covered while Mom is away.

Maybe not.

He quickly regrouped from whatever that mini freak-out was and potty trained Theo.

Atlas: Good boy. Stay.
Theo: Who is this person treating me like a dog?

Norah came home from the spa and, well...

Them: Aw, look how cute our son is! Don't mind us. Just over here. Naked.

Apparently, Theo is just so cute, Norah and Atlas can't wait to get started on baby number 2. Oh, boy.

Next Time on the Witch of Waverly: Theo celebrates a birthday, Norah conjures herself up a feline familiar, and - uh oh - is that morning sickness she's experiencing? Stay tuned to find out!