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The Witch of Waverly (Part One)

I always try to do things like document my Sims' lives or run a blog without giving up on it and, up to this point, I haven't been that successful. I'm hoping that this story can change that. Before I start with the narrative, I'll give a little bit of family information, as Norah is not fresh out of Create-A-Sim, but is actually the third generation of the family that I started fresh with when I returned to playing the Sims this summer. The two Sims that I started out with were Natalie and Beth Ferguson. They then had two adopted children, Keely (died during my last play of the Retirement Park lot I made) and Parker (an elder living at the Retirement Park [in a tent]), and one biological child, Tabitha. Tabitha met her wife, Zanette, and together they have three kids, as well (all biological): Norah (the subject of this story), Ingrid (recently entered her teen years), and Hunter (an adorable toddler who seems to have missed out on those "terrible twos"). Some of the living family members will be seen in this part but, throughout the course of this story, I won't be showing the progression of their lives separate of Norah's (unless something really cool happens). Anyways, now on to the fun stuff. May I present...

Norah introduction picture with caption: The Witch of Waverly Part One

This is Norah Ferguson. Graciously supported by her parents, Tabitha and Zanette, all of her life, Norah really wanted to strike out on her own once she graduated college with a degree in education. Refusing a loan to start off her adult life comfortably, Norah instead bought a small house with her own money, continuously adding new furniture and other things to make it more of a home. After a rigorous screening process, Norah was offered a teaching job at an academy a few towns over. While her family is proud, they have been left in the dark about one thing.

Norah in witch outfit

Norah is a witch. The title probably gave that away, right? An evil with by trade, she is also constantly studying the Way of the Light. Her students are blossoming witches and wizards themselves and Norah is finding that teaching them is pretty much her life's calling - she dreams of one day being the Minister of Education.

Norah's own mentor, friend, and coworker: Becky. While Becky is an evil witch, she supports Norah's desire to become a good witch.

Please excuse these next few pictures of just plain witchy amazingness.

Now, I'm no expert, but I'm not sure that having your cauldron and spellbook out in the side yard is the best idea for keeping your secret, Norah.

Here she is casting a cleanliness spell. Much to her controller's chagrin, this spell did not clean the counter - I guess it's meant for personal hygiene. (Note: this kitchen is after many upgrades. I stupidly didn't take any screenshots of her original furniture but just picture one really shoddy fridge, one countertop, and one cheap stove.)

No caption necessary.

After being separated for all of college, Norah is finding the time to reconnect with her high school boyfriend, Atlas.

I think he likes what he sees.

Anyways, things heated up between them (for a second time) fairly quickly and, before you knew it...

By 'fairly quickly,' I mean just that.

Norah was a little hesitant about popping the question.

But she had nothing to worry about. He said yes!

Continuing with the theme of not wasting any time, there wedding was held pretty much the next day.

Also might not be the best idea to have your best friend attend your wedding in her witch's hat, Norah. I'm sure no one is the wiser.

Despite all of the guests worrying more about Norah's sister, Ingrid, she and Atlas enjoyed a blissful kiss under the arch. Actually, no, why don't the Sims ever have anyone officiating their weddings? Like, is that not a thing in this world? Okay.

Whatever Norah's mom, Tabitha, is going on about doesn't appear to be very interesting. I'm also just posting this to look at how cute Norah is some more.

Norah's mom, Zanette, and Atlas are apparently not dealing with the taste of this champagne too well.

Tabitha, on the other hand, is already feeling the effects of her bubbly. Norah's sister, Ingrid, apparently wants in on the action, too. Sorry, girl, you're just a little too young.

Honeymoon time! Honestly, it was really boring. They just tanned and swam and learned firedancing.

Finally, here's a nicer picture of Atlas after I spruced him up a bit and gave him a new haircut.