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This post is going to be split between actual story and a little tour of the Ferguson's new home. I would apologize for not having this up on Sunday when it is supposed to be but I don't think anyone actually reads it, so, who cares!

Immediately after having birth, Norah is feeling great.

That Rubik's cube isn't going to solve itself!

Atlas: Don't worry, hon, it's fine. I got it. I'm fine.
I'm sure he is looking absolutely dead behind the eyes here.

Wait... is this... can it be Atlas showing some fatherly love and care to his son?! Wow. We are making progress.

Norah has been doing so well at her job that they decided to reward her with this very regal looking bookcase.

And she decides to practice her wand-twirling in plain sight.

Uh oh! A new addition! Theo desperately wanted a puppy.

Mom and dad gave in. This is Odessa.

Despite Odessa and Brownie getting along quite nicely, and despite them falling in love with Norah's cooking, Norah decided to send Brownie back to the witchy realm from whence it came. Don't worry, though, Brownie can be summoned at any time with one simple spell.

(I actually forgot to re-summon Brownie after Norah came home from work one day.)

Theo and Odessa are becoming great friends!

I'm not really sure why Aunt Ingrid decided to come over but, hey, family bonding.

Happy birthday to Victoria, now a cuddly toddler, featuring Atlas' blank stare.

It appears that Theo is starting to have some very particular feelings towards Atlas.

I don't know what to caption this as. She's just cute.

Victoria loves using Odessa as a toy.

Another birthday! This time, Theo has entered his teen years. He's feeling a bit alternative at this point in his life.

Here is one picture to let you know that, yes, Norah did try to get the kids into private school but, no, it didn't work.

It's moving day!

With Norah's great teaching job and Atlas' quick climb of the architecture ladder, they could afford to upgrade their living space.

The back of the house:

Victoria is amazed with her new surroundings.

So, Theo doesn't hate Atlas now??? Gossiping fools.

Either Norah has come down with the flu or this new house is going to reach capacity very quickly. Stay tuned!

Now for a little bit of a house tour.


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